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Full Stack Practice Lead

Greater Toronto Area

Client is Top 3 Bank 

Job Description

Want to make an impact on your career and others? Join us as we make strategic investments in our people.

Our vision to be the Better Bank is grounded in our purpose-driven and forward-focused strategy. Amidst a rapidly changing landscape, we know that technology plays a critical role in achieving this vision and delivering on our strategy. It also signals the need to accelerate investment in emerging capabilities to adapt to the changes happening around us and respond to customer needs more quickly. To accomplish this, we're evolving our platforms, introducing key enterprise practices and re-imagining our customer journeys as part of the Next Evolution of Work (NEW).


NEW will empower colleagues to make decisions faster, work more efficiently and quickly identify and
address customer and market trends to deliver innovative solutions at an unprecedented pace. NEW will enable us to move with purpose towards common goals, simplify how we work and elevate how we deliver customer value. Having the opportunity to contribute and be a part of one of the largest transformation projects at The Bank is a unique and critical career experience. NEW provides The Bank's business with better ways to collaborate, deliver and manage solutions for our customers.

Roles within the NEW model are similar to roles in external organizations – it's the way the future of
work is heading – in leading global organizations and beyond; you're developing highly marketable skills
that The Bank and industry leaders are seeking. By joining NEW, you'll have the opportunity to be part of a new way of working while making an impact on the future of banking in ways you've never imagined.

Department Overview
By joining the Software Engineering Practice, you'll drive the continuous development and upskilling of
its members, as your leadership will result in Engineering excellence and delivery success across the

Integral to the success of our business, the Practice Lead plays a critical role. The Full Stack Engineering
Practice Lead will be charged with leading a team of Full Stack Engineers. Full Stack Engineering Practice
Area at The Bank represents current and emerging technologies that span across user-facing front-end,
middleware, as well as backend components. You’ll report into the Software Engineering Practice Area
Lead/Engineering Practice Owner to lead and execute our strategy to be at the forefront of new technology for The Bank.

Together with its people management and development of the Practice, this role will create a technical
community within The Bank, aligning to a common vision and elevating the engineering knowledge base
across the organization by fostering a work culture that is passionate about productivity, innovation,
continuous improvement, teamwork and a high level of professionalism. It drives change through
positive reinforcement of milestones and successes. It creates an environment where the team freely
escalates business challenges.


Practice Excellence

  •  Understanding and executing on practice strategy and leading the delivery for one of our Full Stack engineering practice teams.

  • Participating in defining and executing quarterly OKRs and Engineering KPIs.

  • Staying current with new and emerging technologies and selecting innovative platforms to enhance the capabilities of the business; this includes learning the technologies, integrating them within the company, and training our teams to ensure their continued adaptability.

  • Partnering with other practice leaders (Architecture, QE, Agile at Scale, SRE, etc.) and constituents to keep abreast with The Bank's best practices and standards

  • Introducing best in class engineering processes and practices, tools and methodologies that help strengthen technical craftsmanship, consistency, productivity and enhance practitioner/customer delight.

  • Developing and supporting full stack technology software engineering thought leadership by reviewing technical white papers/case studies authored by practitioners.

  • Collaborating on the technical design for new/emerging and existing digital products and partnering with PGTLs to ensure that those products are built to meet customer needs using feasible and scalable technical solutions.

  • Exhibiting subject matter expertise and driving culture change for the practice amongst Business/Customer Journey, and Product/Platform leaders; Helping to develop 'test and learn' lab approach through proof of concept, minimal viable/deployable/usable prototypes to explore new and emerging technologies against customer centric use cases.

  • Implementing automation through a robust Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery model. Solving highly complex problems alongside fellow team members, taking an alternative approach to produce uncommon solutions that may not have been considered before.

  • Improving product quality, security, and performance.

Team Leadership, Stakeholder engagement

  •  Partnering with stakeholders, presenting a compelling vision of the strategy, and being able to successfully influence without authority.

  • Leading a team of practitioners (direct reports) in an area of expertise.

  • Providing overall team leadership, training, coaching, development, succession, recruitment and resource management, and ensuring ongoing performance feedback and assessments occur and development plans exist for each team member.

  • Helping your engineers/practitioners grow their skills and experience.

  • Helping your team by identifying and eliminating obstacles to make them successful in their work.

  • Providing guidance and coaching to team members on technical contributions, product architecture, and other areas.

  • Contributing to the sense of psychological safety on your team.

  • Holding regular 1:1's with all members of their team.

  • Giving regular and clear feedback around the individual's performance.

Community of Interest (CoI)

  •  Helping develop CoIs/special interest groups on various technologies across full stack (Front end, middleware, backend), architecture and design patterns (creational, structural, behavioral, microservices, etc.), as well as some emerging technologies (Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning), Intelligent Automation, Blockchain, mobile, edge computing, etc.)

  • Helping organize hackathons and events that encourage practitioners to build proof of concepts/demos as side projects to support exploring new technologies to help build creative solutions.

  • Building and leading an engaged culture that inspires pride and meaningful work amongst practitioners.

Talent Acceleration

  •  Actively seeking and hiring globally distributed (best) talent, growing these colleagues and managing retention.

  • Helping with the development of Day-In-a-Life-Of (DILO) material (videos, runbooks, guides, checklists) for specific roles within the practice that can help practitioners as well as new members during onboarding.

  • Partnering with leading Software Engineering consortiums to jointly organize roadshows, expert panel discussions to raise TD SE Practice's profile.

Planning and Allocations

  •  Collaborating with PGTLs and other constituents on the product group/customer journey side to understand the product roadmap.

  • Participating in the PI planning to contribute from Engineering best practices perspective.

  • Reviewing practitioner allocations on product/platform PODs to support the demand for skill set competency, and supporting any adjustments required to address velocity/throughput, or competency gaps.

Skills – what makes you unique? We're looking for people who can demonstrate the following:

  • Be an evangelist of engineering best practice and hands on experience with high-quality software development principles.

  • A full stack SE practice technical thought leader, who can lead and execute SE Practice strategy.

  • Have a passion for coaching and mentoring talent, empowering individuals to think differently in how they approach and solve problems.

  • Be open and honest - someone who works collaboratively to freely share knowledge and experience.

  • Be effective at making great decisions and delivering fantastic outcomes in line with Product and Business strategy.

  • You’ll have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills; able to hold one own’s in a strategy discussion with the key business stakeholders as well as capable of technical deep dives in design reviews.


What is the unwavering focus that is required to create and provide a positive and consistent customer and employee experience at every touch point:


  •  5+ years of experience in leading a full stack development team

  • 10+ years of experience in developing Front End Web development, including native JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

  • 5+ years of experience in developing Backend microservices, using node.js or Java, proficient with database technologies both NoSql and rational, queue technologies such as kafka, streaming, caching and more

  • Highly organized and methodological

  • Solid leadership skills and background

  • Has a can-do attitude and ability to see the bigger picture involving business aspects as well as operational excellence.

  • Experience with a modern JavaScript framework, Java frameworks (including Spring, Springboot, Springbatch)

  • Experience with MS Azure Cloud Computing

  • Good understanding of Creational, Structural, Behavioral Design Patterns, Microservices architecture patterns, Application, and Integration architectures (including RESTful architecture style)

  • Good understanding of Agile methodologies (Scrum, SAFe, etc.)

  • Strong knowledge of Web standards and protocols (SOAP, REST) - Advantage

  • Has an ability to work in a global organization with stakeholders

  • Proven track record of delivery using a variety of coding techniques and languages

  • Knowledge and experience of DevDSecOps and related tools

  • Passionate about open source and developer tools

  • Highly established in managing experienced engineers, along with a demonstrated track record of growing and building high-performing teams.

  • You’ll ideally hold a Bachelor's degree, preferably in a Computer Science, Engineering, or STEM subject.

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