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Sr Full Stack Developer 

12+ Months Contract

Remote within Canada

Client is Top 3 Telecom

Job Description

As a Developer on Chat you will help maintain and build new features to enhance the overall chat experience for our customers. You will be responsible to roll out chat experience to new business units and pages, work on code refactoring, and support your team in shipping large-scale applications. You are a guiding voice for developers, who can balance day-to-day workload, with an eye for future improvements of your team and their work. As a software developer with TELUS Digital, you will be responsible for building and running the software applications which enable innovative, data-driven, customer centric digital experiences for TELUS customers.
You will be working as a part of a friendly, cross-discipline agile team who helps each other solve problems across all functions. As a custodian of customer trust, you will employ best practice in development, security, accessibility and design to achieve the highest quality of service for our customers.
We use a range of technologies to get the job done: JavaScript and Babel (ES2018) coupled with Webpack, React, Redux and other libraries to provide a modern, easy to use Javascript toolchain. A central Design System is used for styling and hosts shared components, while our RESTful APIs are built with Node.js powering our custom services. Quality is a primary concern and we test our applications at multiple levels with automation testers and Product Owners embedded within teams.


Here’s how:

  • Ensure cohesive experience across multiple devices.

  • Develop scalable solutions with performance and security in mind.

  • Have the dedication to learn and research new technologies.

  • Ability to document the workflow whenever it's needed.

  • The knowledge on how to work together with others and build solutions

  • Perform code reviews and improvements with other developers.

  • Maintain codebases and make improvements when necessary.

  • Document APIs and Components for other Developers.

  • Incorporate Accessibility as part of the development process.

  • Be knowledgeable in database management and architecture.

  • Be curious and willing to learn and adopt new technologies.

  • Work with designers to help them understand possible technical restrictions.

  • Identify problem areas in code & solutions.

  • Assist with and rapidly test solutions for the team.



  • Undergraduate Degree or Technical Certificate.

  • 5-7 years relevant experience.

  • Advanced and extensive knowledge of the business (or organization), technical environment, standards, processes, procedures, programming languages and operating systems.

  • Readiness and motivation (as senior developer and valued subject matter expert) to address and resolve highly complex and multifaceted development-related issues, often independently.

  • Strength in coaching and advising clients, partners and project teams.

  • Commitment to and belief in the quality of your deliverables.

Other Qualifications/Skills/Experience:

  • Demonstrable history of excelling in a team based collaborative environment.

  • Strong team leadership skills (helping lead the team's work)

  • Experience mentoring junior team members, overseeing code quality and evangelizing
    best practices

  • You also have strong interpersonal, critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills

  • Proficient with frontend development (ES2015-2016 JavaScript, CSS, React)

  • Highly experienced knowledge of backend development (Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis)

  • Expert level knowledge of testing best practices and tooling (we use Jest, Cypress)

  • Proven experience designing and documenting APIs (we use Node.js, Express, OpenAPI Spec)

  • Familiarity with Google Cloud Services

  • Familiarity with OpenShift, Ubuntu, Red Hat

  • Knowledge of Kubernetes, Docker

  • Experience with DevOps, Terraform, CICD, Jenkins, Github Actions and Configuration management tools

  • Comfortable with network maintenance activities, software upgrades, and network infrastructure augmentations or changes

  • Highly demonstrable knowledge in building scalable production services and monitoring performance (we use Dynatrace, Kibana)

  • Experience with FRP (functional, reactive programming)

  • Experience with the Docker ecosystem



  • Experience with securing applications to common security threats (OWASP Standards)

  • Familiar with accessibility (WCAG 2) best practices

  • Experience with Web/HTTP security controls (CORS, CSP, TLS, etc ...)

  • Experience designing, building, and maintaining High Availability systems

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